Cameron Diaz Shares the Story Behind Her Star-Studded 50th Birthday Celebration

Cameron Diaz is spilling the details on how she tried to get out of celebrating her 50th birthday.

While The Holiday actress kept it low key for her 50th birthday, she revealed that if her husband, Benji Madden had his way, the party would have been a lot bigger.

“He loves a celebration,” Cameron revealed during a preview clip for her Sept. 26 Rachel Ray Show interview. “And when we first met our first year together, he threw me three surprise birthdays for one birthday.” 

The Charlie’s Angels alum jokingly added, “I was like, ‘Would you please stop doing this!'”

And this year was no different, with the Good Charlotte guitarist trying to celebrate the birthday girl while she tried to avoid it.

“This year, because it was my 50th, he was very much like ‘We have to do something’ and I couldn’t commit,” the Bad Teacher star continued. “And he’s like ‘So what are we doing for your birthday?’ And I’m ‘Like let me get back to you.’ I could see the panic coming in on his face a week before hand.” 

She added, “He was trying so hard, but I could see he was so panicked.” 

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