Hum Dono to Kala Pani: 5 Dev Anand classics to watch before legendary actor's 99th birth anniversary

Weekends are to relax and rejuvenate after a week full of commitments, deadlines, and targets. Watching movies is always a lot of fun as it takes us away from all the work and stress that keeps us on our toes all week. This week, we revisit movies of a very special actor and filmmaker, Dev Anand, as we celebrate his 99th birth anniversary early next week.

Have a look at 5 Dev Anand films that you can watch this weekend, to remember the legendary actor:

                                                                          <strong>1. Hum Dono (1961):</strong> This film is about two individuals who look alike but are not twins. Their lives turn upside down when they swap lives. Dev Anand donned the double role brilliantly. His pairing with Sadhana seemed blessed by divinity.&nbsp;
                                                                          <strong>2. Guide (1965):</strong> The film defines Dev Anand's career. Raju is a guide who guides Rosy's career into stardom before he falls deep into the morass of corruption. This is one such film that will keep Dev Anand's legacy alive forever.
                                                                          <strong>3. Johny Mera Naam (1970): </strong>With this film, Dev Anand made a glorious comeback to movies after the debacle of his directorial debut Prem Pujari. Johny Mera Naam is a compelling story about two long-lost brothers, several villains, and a vamp. Director <a href="">Vijay Anand</a> made sure every song highlighted Dev Anand's nonchalant attitude. It is among the actor's most recalled films.
                                                                          <strong>4. Rahi (1953):</strong> It is one of Dev Anand's unknown gems. Based on litterateur Mulk Raj Anand's story 'The Wayfarer', the film is about the relationship between British colonists and Indians and was shot in a neo-realistic light by progressive intellectual director K.A. Abbas. The film is internationally acclaimed. Dev Anand and Nalini Jaywant went to Russia with the film and it was loved there.&nbsp;
                                                                          <strong>5. Kala Pani (1958):</strong> Dev Anand as a man out to prove his jailed father's innocence, played his part with conviction and determination. He romanced the very lovely<a href=""> Madhubala </a>and Nalini Jaywant in the film and it is still among his most rewatched films digitally.
                                                                          Which Dev Anand film do you plan to watch this weekend?
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