Sudhakar Betha becomes a victim of death hoax; Veteran Telugu comedian REACTS

The latest celeb from the Tollywood film industry, who became a victim of a death hoax is veteran comedian Sudhakar Betha. Known for his on-screen comic timing, Sudhakar has appeared in more than 600 Telugu and Tamil films. While he is away from acting and media attention for a few years, a recent report about him has left the veteran comedian in shock. 

Speculative reports had been doing rounds that Sudhakar is unwell and is in ICU in critical condition. As we all know social media is a crazy place and many celebs in the past have suffered death on Twitter several times. Sudhakar Betha is the latest victim of fake death news. He is actually doing fine and alive. 

He released a statement via video refuting the serious health and death rumours. In the video, the Telugu comedian can be seen fit and happy as he confirms he is alive and requests everyone to not believe in false information. 

“All the rumours about me in the last few days are untrue. Don’t believe such false information, and please don’t circulate it further. I’m fit and happy,” said Sudhakar Betha.

Meanwhile, he fans are quite furious about the fake news and have posted about the same on social media platforms.  

Who is Sudhakar Betha?

In the initial days of his career, the veteran star has played lead roles in films like  Srushti Rahasyalu, Pavitra Preama, Agni poolu, Oorikicchina Maata among others. He is quite popular for his peculiar voice modulation.

He acted with actress Radhika in a Tamil movie Kizhakke Pogum Rail and soon they went on to become the hit onscreen pair. They have together acted in 11 films. 

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