EXCLUSIVE: Shahid Kapoor on becoming an action hero: ‘I want to do action but who the hell will make it?’

After being the in the Hindi Film Industry for 20 years, Shahid Kapoor is finally ready to make his debut as an action hero in the Ali Abbas Zafar-directed Bloody Daddy. The film is gearing up for a premiere on Jio Cinemas on June 9 and marks the first-time collaboration the director with the actor. Ali insists that action films make the hero look good on screen. “It looks very good when you come up with the wet hair look, flame thrower in hand. It’s a good-looking genre and who will not mind looking good on screen?” Ali smiles.

‘Who the hell will make action films?’ questions Shahid Kapoor

Shahid insists that he wants to do many action films in the near future, but believes that there are not many directors for the genre in India. “Of course, I want to do action but who the hell will make it? The minute I found the right collaborator, it just happened. I don’t want to force anything into the universe. There is a right time and place for everything. After 20 years of working, you want to invest your time in something you are proud of,” he admits.

‘I want to create aspirational characters,’ says Ali Abbas Zafar

Ali insists that making his actors look good on screen makes him happy. “I have grown up with Hindi and International cinema. All the films back in the day – from Scarface to taxi driver, Sholay, and Deewaar had very well-presented heroes. They are very aspiring on screen. Those visuals stay with you. The idea is not to play a blind homage to those films but to create an aspirational character on screen. Somewhere, I like that cinema,” he keeps it short.

Watch the full video with Ali Abbas Zafar and Shahid Kapoor below as they opened up about Bloody Daddy and also shared their thoughts on genres of the Hindi film industry, their upcoming films, and a lot more. Watch the fun conversation here.

Watch Shahid Kapoor and Ali Abbas Zafar’s full interview below: 

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