Author: Keish Adaobi Davis

Exhibition: “Untitled III” (Km)

Kilómetro presents its latest exhibition—“Untitled III”—with the participation of artists Angel Borroto Díaz, Fernando Colón González, Roberto Márquez Jorge, Jason Mena, Erika Rodríguez, Emanuel Torres-Pérez, and Angel Ralph Vázquez Concepción. The exhibition opens on Thursday, March 30, 2023, at 7:00pm. Kilómetro art space is located at 802 Roberto H. Todd […]

Succession Makes “Ludicrously Capacious” Burberry Bag Go Viral

Succession‘s season four premiere was the epitome of the old saying that “money talks, wealth whispers.” During the March 26 episode of the HBO family drama, newcomer Bridget (played by Francesca Root-Dodson) made a “monstrous” fashion faux pas by accessorizing her look with a $3,000 Burberry handbag that signaled her wealth—or, rather, lack thereof. While […]

This Beach Was Just Named the Best in the Caribbean — Eagle Beach, Aruba

Dobrina Zhekova writes “This Beach Was Just Named the Best in the Caribbean — With Mesmerizing, Clear Turquoise Water”—Can you guess which one it is? See Travel and Leisure for her description and spectacular photos of idyllic Eagle Beach, Aruba. With more than 7,000 picture-perfect islands drenched in sunshine year-round and stunning stretches […]